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Welcome to this gathering my serpent brethren!
Its time to enter the next stage of the New World Order
Their minds have been weakened by our constant cerebral bombardment.
We have lead them into total enslavement
We must reform an alliance with the Annunaki
So that all the earths riches can be reunited
Not for long they've been set for relocation
We will inhabit a new planet before this year is done
With black hearts and a serpents tongue
Condemned my species
Corruption has won
With black eyes and a serpents tongue
My plan is done
The seed is planted
Fear ME!!!
I am the destroyer of worlds
Secret Societies feed on greed
Bow before this killing machine!
Every new born fetus ripped from the belly of a whore
will be brought unto the New World Order
The riches of the earth were taken by the Annunaki millennia ago
bound for safe keeping but little did we know
Thee Annunaki are a no show!
Our planet was raped and decieved
and robbed of its treasure!!
Our planet was raped and decieved
and robbed of its treasure!!
Burning this planet down!
One day at a time!
We're taking over
Welcome to a new generation of lies
This is the New World Order!

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