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Bioterrorism is the only fucking key,
To cure this planet of humanities disease!
Engineering pathogens in order to complete my grand design.
Ebola, Marburg, Hanta Virus, Rabies combined.
To create a pathogen the likes of which the world's never seen.
Bring them to their knees!
I've been instructed by the planet itself to stop the end and obliterate this alien virus.
Knighted as the lord of plagues by the mother terra.
Blind to our ways our species will be wiped from existence.
Wiped from existence!
Pathogen X is released upon you worthless human scum!
Genocide occurs as you're bleed from every orifice.
None are immune there is no cure.
The planet will now flourish without you humans.
Secreting blood from our pores, we enter ravenous frenzy!
Gluttonously Gorging on human flesh until I'm bloated enough to die!
How could we assume the planet would remain idle as we burn it to the ground!
The world will be nothing but a wasteland
If we continue to exist!

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