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High Frequency Active Auroral Research Engine.. - text


Raise your head to the sky!
See the signs!
Our brainwaves are being altered
We are no longer free
Bath in acid rain
See man made catastrophe!
Live a meaningless life and meet a shallow fucking grave!
The skylines change daily as they push up the ionosphere!
Accelerating Electrons for infrared emissions to control frequencies!
Awaken too unnatural catastrophes this is the dawn of war!
Conscious of their goal we will torture and kill them slow!
Tear down the fucking towers!
Burn their stations to the ground!
We will not stand for this they are infecting our children!
Molecular Modifications of thee atmosphere.
Manipulating and disturbing mental processes through pulsed radio frequency radiation!
HAARP is another step in a journey from which we cannot turn back
Our species will bring about our own end times as we unleash a new set of demons from Pandora’s Box
We've unleashed a new set of demons from Pandora’s Box.

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