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Forced Fecal Ingestion - text


Faeces ripped from a virgins cunt,
Served up with organs and entrails!
I find my victims on the playground.
Kittens and candy my main lure!
"C'mon kids get in my van! I'll take you too candyland!"
Back in my lair, I fuck these kids with a rusty knife.
Eating and molesting their tiny genitalia.
Harvesting fecal matter which they'll be forced to ingest!
I'm a fucking sicko!
Watching these kids eat their shit gives me and er******
Rape Ensues!
Heavy breathing, lying broken bloody on the floor.
I'll rape you till you perish!
All these kids are finished I think I'll jump in my van and get some more.
I need my fix!
Heavy breathing, lying broken bloody on the floor.
Raping adolescent bitches with a frozen stool!
You know I live for this pre-teen scat orgy!
Young cunts stuffed with shit.
What a delight to me!

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