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Enslaved And Subservient - text


Infinite things too see in life yet I’m stuck working that 9 to 5
I was indoctrinated into the system the day I was born.
My future and place in society already fucking planned.

We are all brought up only knowing what is shown too us through the media and the people we know.
This grand masquerade that we all believe to be life was designed as the ultimate tool for enslavement
This system makes us abandon our true skills
Forced to work a job that could already be done by technology
We are too comfortable with our shackles

You will feel the sorrow that i feel knowing we imprisoned our own species with the monetary system.
Why do we do this too ourselves?
We are in their endless cycle of debt
Where is our planet heading?

We are marching toward the end of our species!
We are marching towards the end of our species
We are enslaved
We are blinded
We are tied down
Set your brain free

Infinite things too see in life yet I’m stuck working that 9 to 5
Enslaved and Subservient
Too deep to be removed from the system

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