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Depraved Paraphilia (Feat. Adam Warren of Oce.. - text


The feeling of the knife as I penetrate her virgin flesh.
Its making my cock so fucking hard I'll make another orifice to fuck. Stabbing at your throat as you violently choke up blood, I'm a paraphiliac! Fucking your girl in the ass as my knife shanks at her tender kidneys!

[Adam Warren Part 1]
"This sickening menace called the human race!
Bearers of plague!
I've searched for its life force to sew my skin!
Escape this plague!
Call me a murderer!
Call me insane!
I've forever embraced this disease!
Call me a murderer!
Call me insane!
I've embraced this disease!"
The melody of piercing flesh is the bane of my existence.
The pinnacle of se**** arousal lies within stabbing those you love! Succumb to parafilia! I've given in too my demons!
I live for the sound of the stab, piercing flesh is what I need!
Shoving my filthy prick into to every single fucking hole.
You will know the wrath of my hairy dick!
Bled Dry!

[Chrissy Jones of Clawhammer]
Clawhammer, Vulvodynia, Oceano!
Stab Squad 2016!
We tear the fucking innocent to fucking pieces!
Rip your stomach from the waste of shit your body is
black and blue, I Love the smell of fear from you!
The taste of rape its fucking great, Pulverise your twisted insanity!
Feed me all your innocent genitals!
Feed me all your rotten punishment!
In the name of the holy one,
Molesting you is the filth I fucking love
Vile creation of man and wife.
A paedophile and a whore for life.
Sickened upbringing you fear any cock you've come to despise!
Feel our pain!

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