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Total Existence Failure - text


Why be afraid of being swallowed by the sea?
When it comes to down it we’re nothing but an entity
Living a life so full of fear
That it becomes a life of everlasting misery

I tell no lies
This is how I pay the price
I tell no lies
Can you feel this dream of mine?

One more day and one more night
There’s no end in our sight
Creeping into all your layers
Until a total existence failure

(I’m creeping into all your lives, you’ll see)
Until a total existence failure
(I’m seeping into all your times, you’ll see)

Why be alive when you don’t really feel alive?
When the dream is dead you can’t relive it all inside
Living a life so full of pain
Apathy becomes a part of what is all the same

Zehn Gesichter an der Wand
Bringen mich um den Verstand
Ist die Einsicht so viel wert?

Zehn Gesichter an der Wand
Nehmen mir jetzt den Verstand
Ich weiss so viel wie Du
und ich kann verstehen…

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