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Higher Existence - text


I step into a mind where mind is an illusion
Subconscious colourful delusions
Where I can master every action
I need a positive reaction

Dream of a nature of pure saturation and lie in a lake ever after
Here in this time what is time what is mine?
I forget! But it just doesn't matter!

Come with me! To a place where no reason is reason
Come with me! To a place where you can choose the season

Take one look around - See what you've wanted to see

Think away far from your kind
For the unknown is calling your name
Touch beyond what you can feel
Don't let anyone tell you what's real

Come inside and be a part of the distance that beckons your mind
And be a higher existence than you realise
Just release your subconscious to tell you its real
This is a higher unconscience that's making it heal
And you know that it's good for your soul
To experience something unknown, so tell me...

This is not the end of time
This is not the end of time
This is not the end of time
Can you feel it now?

This is not the end of time
This is not the end of time
And you are calling to the wine...

Feel it come
Close the door
Push towards
Fear it more

Let it take the worst of you, best of you and just throw it all away

Come inside the dream that beckons
Feel, release this consciousness
What's the reason for this wisdom?
Here's the answer: 000 000

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