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Breaking Down - text


It's the waters that you know
It's the waters that you crave
Even though I swim with you
It's the current that you take

Have you reached the heart of darkness
Have you heard the forest screams
If the current stays with you
It's not as bad as it may seem

Out of nowhere comes the fear
Pushing down and running near
And you ask and you plead
Untangle silver leads

It's the path to the unknown
Painted red but still forlorn
When you can't hear the sound
Then you are breaking down

Then you are breaking down

It’s the signs that make you wonder
It’s the everlasting ride
It’s the world that’s full of wonders
That is tearing you inside
Now that you hear
That I am here
The breaking mends the broken

You lie
In a bed of thorns like me
You drown
Inside a forgotten sea

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