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A Beautiful Mistake - text


Now I’m standing here on my own again
This world of ones and noughts
Invading all our thoughts again

Look around you
It’s astounding what has happened to this place, total change of phase
It’s amazing
What we’re saving on originality, can you find a piece of me?

One more time he can’t believe his eyes as he appears to scream that

The chaos in the one
Perfection elevates the easy answer now
Life itself resounds

And to explain again
The wonders of the rain
Is hardest at its best
So lay it all to rest

It’s sedition just to say that these lights are in the way, run into your own demise anew
Expedition into day it’s perdition every way, worst of all this time has just begun.

Всё в ней гармония, всё диво,
Всё выше мира и страстей;
Она покоится стыдливо
В красе торжественной своей

It’s amazing what a world we’re tasting in these fragile minds
It’s astounding that we’re still not drowning in our fate!
Good intentions led to these inventions and a stolen time
And was it all this a beautiful mistake?

Was it all a lie?

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