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Hard To Believe - text


Thought that I could hide
Oh how I've wasted time
I've spent my life running from you

And I just can't say no
your love won't let me go
My shields are defenseless against you

Lost in the dark
'Til your love dawned in my heart
Filled all the hollow
And you freed my pent-up soul

It's so hard to believe
You're here with me now
Make me feel so alive
I've got to let it out

Oh, extraordinary
You're bringing me out
Filled my heart with your love
And turned my world around

I've been here and there
Oh I've looked everywhere
But nothing can compare to you

You know my heart
I want to be where you are
I'm hopeless without you
How'd you teach this heart to love

Oh, you don't need love
You've got yourself
And that's good enough

The fool lives life
For no one else
The slave to love finds real freedom

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