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Jack o' Lantern - text


Let me tell you the tale of a miserly odd fellow
Stingy Jack as it was known to the old town of Kinsale

One cold October night at the town's pub arrived the devil
Knowing Jack could easily fall into a trick or treat of trouble

Dark hoax-- Last coin. Turn into silver and my soul is yours forever
Silver tongued -- A miser man tuned to be much more faster than the devil

Wooooo Jack-o'-lantern night spirit has come
Wooooo cursed to roam the nights as a ghost

Wooooo Jack-o'-lantern night spirit has come
Wooooo Carve your own head piker old fool

Ten years he kept the devil wangled inside his pocket jacket
Let me out he said and I wont take you down the pit of fire

Ok climb up this tree and get me my last taste of apple
Before he could come down a cross was carved deceit the devil



Hear the cry - Hear the storm The legend of Jack o Lantern this night is born
Fear the skinflint - Fear the fool, don't let his tricks turn you into pumping stew

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