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Final Cry for Freedom - text


Name the place and the time
We'll always answerer the cry
Here at the end of the world
The final battle of the gods
Call us rebels of the final days
Bringers of the pagan ways
Sons of metal and sound
Stand aside with your one god flam

Mark this day as the end of your reign
Hail believers of hate
Die hard sons of the iron ways
Start the fire and the fight will begin

Place the banners high
Raven brothers fly
- as we shout our final cry for freedom

Weapons held up high
Wolfs on blacken hearts
- as we shout our final cry for freedom

Time forgot our fight
But we keep on spreading the sound
They try to burn our flags
But our army is tall and strong
Made of fire and ink on our skins
Iron horses ride on the wind
A believe so strong
That eons will pass over our thrones

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