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Welcome to a New Season of Deathwish - text


Welcome - to a new season of deathwish
and other dangers.
Come in - you won't feel surprised just a little but scared.
Forget that - you are too romantic
It's just your argus - eyes will stare, and open your mind for a while.
But don't worry - next sleep will come.
It might be long, it might be eternal.

There's only one philosophical problem:
shall I wait until I suddenly die.
Or shall give it a suicidal try?
No poet has ever had the courage to prove
and find out why... life is so strong... life is so cruel.
It fucks you with a knife, day in, day out,
so please go and answer the question.
Then don't look away - look up and welcome
to a millennium of feeling young forever.

It's a fistful of hate, I associate,
when I think about the future - stay young forever!
Welcome - to a new season of deathwish.

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