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Once on a road to a bad neighbourhood
a girl named Violenca stopped me on my way she just entered my car
her skirt was touching no legs
her voice was so deep - she was a men.
She told her high heels and his soul for another ten liri to me.
We broke into old apartment-blocks heading to suck me off
we pushed-in some doors quite violently
a tiny room with a board and a bed was all interior in there
and the dark shemale made me lie down on sheets and blankets of
filthy antique state
that would fry and shudder a nation into fate some cockroaches
dried in white juice
a glimpse of a look I dared
causing a brief heart-attack
I was nervous bur nevertheless the shemale she drank water
from my black spring
she liked me and said in tears "goodbye" a hundred times there is no doubt
I was in the hell where a... (it) grows.
Violenca, I still shudder when I say goodbye...
(Goodbye - the word no good anymore).

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