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I Close My Eyes Before I Bleed to Death - text


With me a scent of blood is posing like a devil, like my inner devil
I think I better close my eyes I feel like a gang of wolves
'Was a bastard yesterday
Feel better today
Never mind I never think about tomorrow's day... in a day'
I better close my eyes can not bear the truth: the gods are playing cricket
the sun's a cripple... I love life!
Excuse my dirty kind of spirit sarcasm is my fame! (The flowers is my brain are growing in aspic)
Kiss me, for another day, kiss me!
I dream it every night: being pushed into a deep black hole of nothing,
while driving to the highway to hell... I feel me falling!
Until I wake up - in sweat - and I see how life can be quite nice!
I close my eyes... before I bleed to death

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