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Seventeen nights and fourteen days
I spent time in a hollow cave on the lower east side?he lower east side
A long way back to your front door I stepped inside
And on the floor was a letter??ust a letter
With my hands all wet I slowly bent
Had this twisted feeling inside my head
I didn? tell her?here I was going
I never quite remember why I do the things I do
When I? sick and tired ?or myself
She? the kind to sneak inside and twist your mind
You want to take a bite
but then you spit it out? spit it out again
On a solitary chair she placed in the corner
If I gather up the strength and get a little bolder
Will I open up? I?e got to open up ?his letter
Free me. It? not worth dying for. If I gave a little more would this be fine?
Tell me. What am I trying for?
You?e already slammed the door and left me behind.
After counting all the words I felt your pain
But I had to sit down and read it again
To let it sink in. Did it sink in ?t all?
It? hard to hold back this raging desire to light it all up
And sit by the fire and watch it burn?ut now the tables turn
The only way back to the way it began
Is to take another look and try to understand
See it through your eyes?ow I realize
It? been seventeen nights and fourteen days that I?e been alone
So I thought I? write you a letter
Just a letter

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