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The Harder They Come - text


I saw the tears in your eyes
You were watching the show
Loving a music man is never easy I know
I told you baby, baby hold on
To what you got
In this business, I'm rolling
I can never get enough

So you turn away to find another kind of love
In your special way you hold on to me
Watching me fall

Oh, the harder they come
Oh, the harder they fall

Telling me how and why
You've made up your mind
You keep my wasted heart
Out of reach of your touch
You begin to kill any reason of mine
To fall in love
Is more than I can take

So you turn away...


I don't want you
We walk this city streets into the night
I don't need you
Like silhouettes we turn and go our separate ways

So you turn away...


Oh, the harder they come
Oh, the harder they fall

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