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Down by a lake of Mississippi
A boy was born poor and abandoned
And as he walk you could hear him yearning
For a home and he prays
And by the fields he sang for rising
All of his faith and memorizing
All of the songs his mother learned
from the lord himself
Heaven light a way for a fallen
Let me ease the pain from my mother
But he feels the deception in his head
Another day was born and rising
and on a stool the boy was trying
To earn a coin for his mother, and hoping
That freedom will lead her away
Mr. Cadillac Blood: Dear little friend
I've heard your story
Please take my hand and I'll promise
We'll find a way and we'll be fighting
For your mother, and her wings
Heaven light a way for another
Let me ease the pain for a fallen
We are on our way so much stronger
Heaven light the way for another
And he feels no deception in his head

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Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood


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