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In this tempo
Now we're here again
Time to feed the creatures
Those who will attend
Everything in detail
Every inch pristine
In this tempo you and I come clean
Words are contradictions
Lungs are obsolete
We have fed the creatures
Those we never meet
Is this just a slumber?
Are we just asleep?
Wake me in a fire
That is where they keep
Tell me now, alliance
Tell me how to see a fortune here
Show me how to fly and tell me how to make her reappear
Tell me now everything 'cause I want everything
This is not a remedy, this is not a part of my home
So leave me alone
You, are you burning out?
(Out of the shell you promised to be, leaving it hollow?)
You said I was to burn in you
(What have you left to give her? How do you share a world of restlessness?)
(When are you done evoking battlefields on all the plains that you possess?)

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