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Joey died
And nothing has changed
The streets corners
are still the same
I guess he still
lives in my head
When it's time
To share the bread
Still got holes
On my knees
But I won't
Buy the figurine
Yeah it's kind off
sad to see
you in a box
wrapped and sealed
Who cares after all?
About the rise
and the fall
Makes the papers for one day
Not for what you had to say
Who cares after all?
Another flyer
on the wall
All the names have been washed out
All the ones we care about
Seen it, been there, done that!!
When I am mad
When I see red
I refer to
what Iggy says
I want to find
myself in you
You wanna find
yourself too
Who cares after all?
Win the race
or drop the ball
If I make a silly face
Is it really what it takes?
Who cares after all?
About the records
on the wall
And the tattoos on your skin
Be the one you've never been
Seen it, been there, done that!!

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