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In the land of the freer
Evidence it's no use
I've been bathing in the blood of our success
I guess it is just the stubborn side of man
That can see a riot and then somehow think
There could actually be no good reason
You wanna see what people are really like
I'm not really sure you wanna be knowing
How could they say
Murder in the name of national security
Yo no sé
They say murder in the name of national security
And the silence in the way
And the silence in the way
Evidence, it's no use
This is just the life that's been chosen for me
I've been sipping on the blood of sweet success
Before history punishes us for it
You wanna see what, people are really like?
Watch them light a torch
Understanding ends this game
How could it be
Murder in the name of officer security
Yo no sé
They say murder in the name of officer security
If I was batting I'd be right behind ya
It's not the first time, that I've been lied to
All words are made up before I was born
My friend the walls say only they'll keep me warm
You know it, lies are comforting
Bye bye bye bye
You know it, obliviousness
I'll leave it in my dreams, my dreams
You know it, on my own
Sitting down right here
Do do do do do do
I wanted it
Murder in the name of personal security
Yo no sé
Yes I'm going out tonite just don't wanna be fooled again
play those mind games
And we stay
Not angels, not fiends
But just human beings
Work so hard to become a vague memory
In the mind of a collective group of strangers
Leaving all my melodies behind

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