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My spirit grows cold
I falling through the dark
As black as my soul
Son of sorrow
Don't play with my mind
This place where secrets hide
My pain is your time
Final draw
It's time to wake
Sacred blood on my hands
From black waters I rise
I've learned to kill
In this shadows I will
No longer stay hear my cries
Blazing stars fills darkened sky
From a thousands miles - my cry
On the beams of dawn I rise
Spread your wings and try to fly
Feel love again
Burn the past I realize the power
Feels gone away
Like a sad bird I sing the song of sorrow
Paying the price for the blind, for wickness
For your tears
Save, save my soul, my love
Pathfinder - my name
My way through cry and pain
With blood on hands pray
Sign of demons
Intentions and thoughts
I do it for my God
Forgive me or not
Silent angel
It's time to pay
Tainted blood marks the glass
From deep shadows I strike
I've learned this skill
In this twilight I will
Stock the pray silent cries

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