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Day after day, night after night
I am walking through the sands of time
In searching of truth, led by the light
Journey is life, fighting deep inside

Destruction, corruption
Empire of pain I feel around
Forbidden desires gives me the power in my heart

Damned or divine
Love or evil
Waiting to be free, prayer for survive
Burning skies
Crying of forgiveness
Waiting to be free, prayer to alive

Angel of death, master of sin -
"Give me your hand, fly my friend with me
I'll give you the power over the world,
All your dreams, all your hopes
You need me, come with me
For it I'll find for you your soul,
We'll send the world on fire,
I'll give you way, only I know"

Someone hears my voice
Night begins to crawl the skies
Ever lose my hope
Let him know
Is the time when he comes

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