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Evil eyes burn my mind
I'm gonna pray for us
What's left behind
For our broken power

My devise is crucified
But love we can't deny
We see the light
Through the prism of sorrow

Lords of the time, last dream of revenge
What they will soon find can be just their death
Black, gloomy force will bring us blood mess

Chasing your dreams' to die for

Endless sky where my fears will die
Mmemories will fade
Our gift divine

The sun is dying day by day
Dead legions storming on the way for wrath
And to madness glory

The final stage of this grace
Demonic, rough masquerade of life
This is end of story

The world is cruel, I close my tired eyes
My feelings lost, grain of sand in the wind
You ask me, why the midnight sun dies
My empty breath - this is payment for sins

Chasing your dreams' to die for

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