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Nihilistic conquest...
ravish your belief in god
Heaps of carnage...
march through the path of scattered remnants
A gift of mankind that was heaven sent
The mortars of annihilation
These are your faithful...
dead from the writings of false scriptures
Venomous supremacy...
spreads within the mind of the wicked
Lust for retaliation after the fall of dawn
Just to die in sight of the sun
Brought to light... a cause unbeknown to them
Commence the process of deterioration
Christianity abhorred
Begin the decemation of reverence
Your life and spirit... Scorned
Cleanse the Earth through havoc-induced ferocity
Rejoice... this ravishing of unmerciful beauty
No god... no beast...
Opening the gates... flood the world with cruelty
Burning the path to peace... bow to your god of impurity
No god... no beast...
Carnal dreams of pestilence and decay
Awaken to your world of god... now devoid and abandoned
Blinded from the sigh... so impure and callous
Vision erased...
salvation has renounced the hearts of the fallen
...Salvation has renounced the hearts of the fallen
The balance of faith has been shifted
Consumed by the light... vehement for deliverance
Spreads the contamination within the righteous
Leading them towards the abyss of blood and wickedness
So be it... I am the enemy
So be it... I am the one you seek
So be it... I have no sympathy or empathy
It is done... My words and life bleed blasphemy
(repeat verses)
Only to leave man to shit upon this kingdom of divinity

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