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Beyond The Sun And Far Away - text


[Music: Magnani, Tordiglione, Lucatti]
[Lyrics: Magnani]

While we cross the sky and the stars get closer
Tears fall down
We're leaving our world, there's no way back

We're The Chosen Ones
No Repentance While we fly high
And our ship's flying into the sky

We're breaking the silence, loud is our cry
A scream for freedom, into the stars we fly
We say goodbye, time to fade away
Beyond the sun and far away

And while Earth becomes a tiny blue light
Fear takes us
We're facing the infinite out there
We won't fail
We're the chosen ones
And we're giving you our farewell
We left hell to find heaven tonight

[Days, weeks, months have passed since we started this ad-
venture. While roaming deep into the unknown, every time we spot
a new light, a new planet, we all cross our fingers and we hope.
So far our spaceship, this ark, has been our only home and it
seems it will be like that for a long time...maybe forever...]

Text přidala Emily483

Video přidal paja65

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