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In strive for dispersion and to get over his evil dreams,
Our main character rests at a tarn near the residence.
Yet the night is not over and whether in fevered dream or not
- a ghoulish creature appears.

Truth - thy ways - what shall they bring to me?
What is soothing dream? What grim reality?
These days I strive - I hunt! - for clarity,
But yet I found an abyss of fathomless agony!

[Appeareth the nymph:]
Deep down in the waters I waited for eternity
Call my thy sister - thy sister najade!

Glaring light of truth - what didst thou send to me?
That soothing dream gave way to grim reality!
No longer shall I hunt for clarity,
Now that I found her here in brightest blasphemy!

Deep down in the waters she waited for eternity
I call her sister - sister najade

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Carpathia - A Dramatic Poem

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