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I've shovelled through dust to find you
To the point I heard the sound of your mind
Memories displayed a secret gallery
Cargo on an unmanned freight-train
You tell me the earth is a womb
Forging fake centuries
Plugging the entrance to a new world
Thriving in the realm of your chest
A chromium sun gleams in your eyes
Like a hatched-out horizon it bleaches the skies
The glowing behemoth came back from somewhere
And its chromium chest it breathes
Your skin is a barrier to another world
Centuries gone, just came back
Music in a silent universe
Ancient echoes from pre-historic birds
The desert monument stuttered
"Real and dry, hurt and scrape"
The hollow moment, battered
Is now wiped clean from the sky
The chromium sun gives a strict glare
Sliding on your limbs, overriding your sphere
The hatched-out horizon came back from nowhere
On its chromium hands and knees

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