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I'm the terror of Darkness the Blind Eye of Night
The science of graveyard fears the abscess of Light
The Violence of holy water and the birth of a Star
The smile when the sadist learns
The meaning of scars

Angel on the left side
Demon on the right
Highway going nowhere
Burnin' on my bed in the sun… in the sun…

I am the Savage God the Four Winds fear
The Mask of the Ages the far and the near
The Hunter of Moonless years the Truth and the Lie
The knot of regret that forms the air where you die

If God is on the left side
Blame it on the right
Hell is freezing over
Everyone is dead in the Sun… in the Sun…
Where's the sun?

Spires of Madness they rape our lives
Remember the dust where we died
Revenge is our passion, the Earth softly cries
She trembles when Empires collide
Forever we'll Avenge…
Forever we'll hear your death…

After the long night
We disappear…
After the Sun's death… We disappear…
Into the long night we ride… Into the Black…
We disappear, We disappear
We disa…

Fire and Madness they rape our lives
Remember your time in this Land
Consigned to the red flame they don't understand
They fall to the ground as they plead
Forever we'll Avenge!!!

After the long fight - We disappear
After the Sun's death - We disappear
Into the jet fuel… We disappear
Into the Black…

What does this day bring what's left to describe?
The promise that went unfulfilled
All are imprisoned alone with their sin
The Tree falls and now it is Night

After the long fight… We disappear
Into the ether… We disappear
Into the jet fuel… We disappear
Into the long Night… we ride…
Into the Black…

Text přidal DevilDan

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