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Hell walks with flair…
She screams that it's urgent, all smack and cocaine
She smiles like a secret and asks me to tame
Her wayward divisions a beast with no name
Demanding I enter the Halls of the Slain
Nevermore will I sleep, nevermore awaken…

Counterfeit memories my lover of games
Seducing the Spirits of fools with her flame
I wandered in madness years killed in vain
Until I remembered the wisdom of pain
Fascination – evil eye – malocchio
Vampire law

Glamour… Whore… down come the flies
Glamour – cold withered leaves
Glamour – A Season in Hell
Glamour – Whore-brides wear your veils…

Feast on my heart bewitch frozen fire
Welts rising we trace the History of Us
Wrought iron destruction
Temptation her cryptic refrain…
Delirious Summer lost under the grain
Dead drunk in the mourning high on Wolfsbane…
Barbarian slain…

Vampire Law… Maleficia!

More… …drawn by the blood
Glamour Whore – down come the flies
Glamour – A Season in Hell
Glamour – remorse after death?

Birth's a stillborn equation Life's an un-shed tear
Death walks in stealthy invasion
Lashing her timeless shears
Smoke rings and ashes… the hours betrayed…
With Love and with Hatred my Music is made
Fascination – evil eye…
Nevermore will I sleep, nevermore awaken…

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Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation

Virgin Steele texty

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