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Necrotizing Fasciitis - text

Dormant inside the flesh; streptococcus pyogenes
Necrotic tissue behold; the ulcerating ailment
Bestowed upon to thee; Fournier gangrene
Fluid excretes through the dermis, through the fascia
Rendered by a weakened immunity
Bane cellular response the super antigen induced
Cytokines producing beyond excess
The macrophage acute, pus distends the tissues
Your health failing deprived, renal systems shutting down
Erythrocytes disrupt, toxicity in the blood stream
The pain begins to grow, debridement of necrosis
Abrupt, diffuse, fortitude, amputate the virulent
Swollen, febrile, decayed, overwhelmed in misery
The stench so vile, so foul, immanent and grotesque
Immune system declines, toxemia channels through the veins
Toxic shock - vitality drops
Blistered with molten skin
Leaking vomit and entrails
Emasculated by the coursing infection
Consumed by your affliction, fulminate living decay
Inhabit within the torment
As the flesh begins to change
Accept your ill-fated demise
Peccant devours even after you die
Accept your ill-fated demise
Depleted before your very own eyes

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