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Hello, I know that we don't talk
But still you whisper in my thoughts
You cry. Please don't cry
You told me that you had to go
Although you said you loved me so
I know, hello
Aloud I said I'm being just
Then wondered why you wouldn't trust
My lie, it was my pride
Now you're not coming home
I know, I know
I am on my own
But know, please know
Wings so you may fly
Comfort when you cry:
This I pray, this I pray for you
I'm sorry for my selfish acts
And if I could I'd take them back
You cried. Oh please don't cry
And in your bed the things I said
And if I got inside your head
I met regret
You deserve not but the best
So guard the heart inside your chest
Be sure, I am sure
That somewhere, there's a place
Where you will go
Pain and fear erased
Where beauty grows
Water when you thirst
Love when at your worst:
This I pray, this I pray for you

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