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Can You Hear The Morning Singing - text

5 am forever we will never sleep
Me and Megan finally hand in hand
Daniel does his best to keep the spirit up
And Bobby gives a damn and sings the blues

The campfire tells a story of last night
Of how we got here tired drunk and pleased
The beer we had for breakfast made the day go fast
'till we could end up here again with you

So can you hear the boys a'singing
yeah yeah yeah yeah
can you hear the girls a'singing
yeah yeah yeah yeah
can you hear your best friend singing
yeah yeah yeah yeah
can you hear the morning singing
yeah yeah yeah yeah

Some of us grow older some will stay the same
But you can spot us by the way we sing
And then one day again we'll get together
And we all know what the morning brings

So, can you...

Can you hear old Pete the Irish man singing along
Can you hear the tales he tell about what's gone

So, can you...

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