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He's in the dark, night is his friend
He's on a mission that can never end
He has a hart that was broke long ago
He has more women than you'll ever know
Hi daddy, hi daddy, hi daddy ho
Hey daddy, hi daddy, no one will know
No one will know
He has a laughter and he has the fame
Gets what he's after and wins the last game
Knows how to kiss and he knows how to fly
His life at risk but he never will die,
Hey daddy ho, daddy, hey daddy, hi
Hey daddy ho, daddy, never will die
Never will die
What does he get out of playing his game?
Life of regret and a mother's shame
When he is done and his task it is through
His race is won and is completed too
Then to unwind with a close friend or two
Ask not for me but he'll give it to you
Hey daddy ho, daddy, hi daddy, who?
Hey daddy ho, he will give it to you
Give it to you
He's in the dark and the night is his friend
He's on a mission that can never end

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