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Love Seems To Hate You - text


These are the longest days - These are the coldest night
These are the hardest tears - I've ever had to fight

It seems so unnatural - The pain I've put us through
Love Seems To Hate You

Why does it hurt to laugh - What is there left to cry
Why do my dreams exist - When nothing is left inside

It feels so out of fashion - That I love you like I do
Love Seems To Hate You - But what can we do

Look in your heart and you'll see there's a part of my life living in you
Everything's changed but it still feels the same only now, we're broken in two

Yours are the softest tears - You are my warmest dreams
You have the brightest eyes - I've ever seen

Guess I'm in love now - And there's nothing you can do
Love Seems To Hate You - Love Seems To Hate You

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