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Ooh soft as velvet, sweeter than wine
Hot blooded prime grade
Oh lust me tough me sweet little child
This little girl has come of age

She's sweet as virgin clover she's my baby love doll
Erotic kind of candy she melts in your mouth
Every young boy's dream she's miss everything
She's a killer queen she's got the kiss of fire

Heavy pettin' she taught me everything
Heavy pettin' mother nature's wild child
Heavy pettin' she's my little passion queen
Heavy pettin' walking on the wild side

Ooh, she'll lick your wounds and swallow your pride
Show you worlds you've never seen
Oh love you to ruin, leave you on cloud nine
Higher than you've ever been

Her love is sheer perfection only one of a kind
She's the ultimate connection she'll blow your mind
She'll grant all of your dreams - wishes guaranteed
In every joy of heaven that she brings


She gives the right amount of pleasure
She blisters my love zone
Under hundred tons of pressure oh
Ready to blow baby bring it on home


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