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Someday - text

written by Jeff Harrington and Michael Vincent

Feel it in this room
A moment from the past
In another life
Sitting there you will read the words
That will change our lives
So many highway miles
Her leaving you this way
Seems so wrong
Music and the wheels hum
Liquid courage makes you strong
In a flash of time
It seems so clear
What brought you here

Someday when the time has come
Someday in the middle of the night
Someday no matter where you may be
Turn around you'll see me x2

Day turns to night
Bringing on a haze
Between now and forever
Time has stopped
What seems as a dream
You see them together
NIght echos through our minds x2
It seems so clear
When the silence has come
And its all done
You're standing there
In a flash of light
And in a single beat
They lay asleep

When you know me
When you see me x2


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