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Closer Tighter - text

Closer Tighter
written by Jeff Harrington and Michael Vincent

He tries to walk a little closer
To catch the scent in her hair
He wants to get to know her
But he does not dare
And every morning he sees her
The girl from his dreams
And every night Tommy needs her
He's coming apart at the seems
He wants to hold her...

Closer Tighter x16

Well it's the same situation
From her point of view
And there's a little frustration
When he won't follow through
Oh his eyes promise something
That could make her complete
And she knows only one thing
That right here on the street
She wants to hold him...


And maybe tomorrow
He'll ask her her name
And maybe on that same tomorrow
She'll pull him in out of the rain
And they stand there together
And they both realize
That maybe they'll never never have to spend another lonely
And they'll hold each other...


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