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Cat Man's a-coming, you better look out
Cat Man's a-comin', running about
Cat Man's a-comin', lookin' for a girl
Better hide your sister, man

'C' is for the crazy hairdo that he wears around
'A' is for the arms that he'll sneak around your waist
'T' is for the taste of lips belong to you
Cat Man, Cat Man
(Yeah, git it, go)

'M' is for the mean things that this mean man does
'A' is for a lot of hearts that he has ever broke
'N' is for the names of the list you may be on
Cat Man, Cat Man

Cat Man a-lookin' for a woman all day long
Ah, better watch out 'cause he is in you midst
Ah, better watch out 'cause or you're gonna be kissed
Better watch out 'cause he is in you midst

Cat Man, Cat Man
Better watch out 'cause I'm the
Cat Man, Cat Man

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Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps

Gene Vincent texty

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