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My Best Friends (Don't Even Pass This) - text


My best friends don't even pass this way again
I think i must've insulted them

I don't want you to cry
I'm just sayin goodbye
I don't want you to come
And i don't know why

I never did understand the words comin out of a man
Givin answers to questions
That i didn't ask

Count to ten and then i'm just a tool again
You wasn't never no great pretender

I can't go on like this
With a clenching fist
But nicotine is even in my dreams
We tried to school you but you just cut class
Get your head out of your ass
Heads all rainin me, thoughts takin up all my time
Eyes all aglow my baby know she blows my mind
You think that i'll just drop by
Catchin wind of all my cries
Just hearin all the weight i'm feelin

But my best friends don't even pass this way again

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