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He should have known
It was too easy
Hunting down such a perfect prey
Caught now in the Spider's web
Feelings left behind with his head
He should have known
Who ruled from the throne
And he should have seen
The pick-up kissed with open eyes
Living in a twilight zone
Felt like an actor on stage
But he was more like a marionette
Trapped in a cage
When he swore his eternal love
By the stars and the rising sun
She looked him in his eyes and said
I was hired and we are done
The mrs cold blue razor eyes
Fixed him with a stare
Do you expect forgiveness
How do you dare
His false cowardly unscrupulous lies
Suddenly turned to dust
All his dreams were
Castles of sand
In women, he shouldn't trust
Lethal Attraction
All his dreams were
Castles of sand
All his life is out of hand
Lethal Attraction
All his life has turned to dust
But who can control once lust

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