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Feeding the Predator - text

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Deep in the dark halls
Beyond light and reality
Lies she, the predator
Waiting to be fed
On a velvet bed
Lined by her booty
Desirable and beautiful
No one can, deny
Selling yourseif
Still have to pay
Sacrifice, whatever it will take
Trigged by your prescence
She infiltrates your head
She becomes your heroine
Just obey an bow
How bitter sweet
To be a man in need
Now you're just a ruin
Drained by a womans greed
Feeding the predator
She is the master of manipulation
Twisted you around her finger
Betrayed my mind with pleasent words
Fateful was the ring you brought her
Feeding the predator
Will she starve without you?
Feeding the predator
She has her jaws ready to
Strike when you are set to go
No man can ease my hunger
I am never satisfied
And if you don't want my anger
Darling, please my mind
Or should I say
Man be my slave

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