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My heart belongs to you - text

Whenever you come around, it's clear to see
That you're my friend, you care for me
And when the road is rough
You're always enough
To bring a smile back to my face
Ohh, you are so right, the star in my sky
Without you, my life would be incomplete
As long as you're near, there's nothing to fear
Cuz I know you truly care for me

There's nothing that I won't do
I promise you, my heart belongs to you
Call me when you're feeling blue
I'll be there, it's true
Cuz my heart belongs to you

There's nothing else I can say, I want it this way
I need my friends right by my side
Whatever at all, you just have to call
And I will coming running to you
I'd swim a ocean wide, clim a moutain side
Just to get to where you are
Whatever at all, you just have to call
And I will coming running to you, my friend


Break it down
If you ever need me, just call in a hurry
I'll be there in flash, don't worry
Holding it down for my crew like what
You know I got your back, while I lay in a cup
For you, I'll do about anything
Got your back, and you know it's a fact
Call on me when you feeling down
When you come around, I'll put it down
Ya heard

Chorus til end

Text přidala Selline

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