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We need to talk about Addie Mae
I seen her walking out the other day
And I been watching that girl wilt away
Bruised back, blisterin’
There ain’t no end to her sufferin’
And any good she had is gone to gray
It’s a howlin’ shame
A howlin’ shame
Oh that girl is a ghost
Burnin’ in a hell that don’t nobody know
White flag twistin’ in the wind
And at her best she is witherin’
And she all set for death she can’t be saved
It’s a howlin’ shame
A howlin’ shame
Nobody could love her
Nobody could care
‘Cause she ran ‘em all off
With her get back stare
Stay away, away, away
Away, away
A murder of crows
They followed her home
And they didn’t leave much
Just a bed of bones
Get away, away
Away, away, away
I’m a howlin’ shame

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