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Lady Thief: What We Are - text

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I have to look into his eyes
With my lips I'll play and lie
I'm your light, I already know
What you seek and looking for...
Wondrous eyes
She speaks to me, I don't know why
How come she knows about my plans?
I'm dreaming! I don't care!
Follow me my friend
I bring advice for your own quest...
I'm lost, without a path
You are a sign, perhaps!
Faithfull and fearless in front of a tricky mind
A wild rationality as weapon and shelter
Why get to this madness?
Who we are?
Who'll we become?
We are bound to our fate!
We are lost in our maze!
On the way alone, forever
Hunted wanted, outlaw stranger!
We are bound to our fate!
I never could choose
We are lost in our maze!
Always searching for ruse
On the way alone, forever
I'm not evil
Outlaw stranger!
But I need to hide the truth!
I understand your price
Something changed into your eyes
Why do you need that sword?
Your tongue is not enough?
I already know my blames
I have to mind my life and pains
Icy eyes and harder heart
Is what I learnt from past
I think I will not flee
Where is the faith I gave?
I need to survive!
Give me what you have or fight!
It's a spiral to nowhere, you can only gain:
Ruin, Sorrow, pain
Join me and stop to cry
We stand together, why
You can't fight and rise

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