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hithern lavenderous sea beyond anseptious horizon
throughout entities wrought in skyclad muse
scouring upon pulse there within they prose
as storm begets calm clavering in unison
sunthrone emerge nothingness dogma astound
brethren atone interfangled dwellings
caverns ashone eminence in gracefulness yet graceless
beyond evereve astride restless emptiness
fulfillment provides azure infinence
streams all together upon golden wonder yet wonderless
adorn from all to possess unkown equate
as within emptiness none is known
alignment becomes that of intermingled shores
precipitous embarkment encrested by stone
furthern is seen thy magma rupture
forever an uplifted moniker symblance
fallen pantheonian emnants endure
upward a collage exalted by thine
downfall brings on onlasting flow
creating lifespring as one of entity
fate is a sea without shores
and they soul is a stone that abides
they heart is vexed with thy roars
and they face with the surf of the tides
twilight of azrael
showeth upon lost shores
montress afar sanctum
cast thee forth beckoning
engraved in nightfall
sculptured amongst they brow
illuminous essence beheld
of they twilight of azrael
enchated from they crestthrone shone afar
catacombs find oblivions trance
endless thoughts of ancient's mind
nevermore being the unkown sign
beyond the furthest seawall
lying between the remote sea gates
mighty wave crashes left nothing but ashes
foreboding clouds ensure of they fate
so massive with deepening sides
clad about the sea as with wings
storms abount sorrow yielding no morrow
impelled tides revealing no springs

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Beyond the Cursed Eclipse


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