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The Forever Vortex - text

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Dark and decrepit chamber
Foreboding remains of fallen grace
Channels lead to the catacombs
Vortex to summon the Ancients past
Forlorn in endless sermons
Awakening the blasphemy of past
Devil dromes forever remain
Exalted whores never forgotten
Lord of the blasphemous lords
Bitch to the conquering cunt
Submissive devotees in slavery
Rendering to defile inferiority
Existence allowed permission granted
To create as to descreate
Revenge avowed religion enchanted
To berate or unabated
Weakness is instilled by the weak
Immaculate beginning graced in forever
Creator of the commencement
Immortal plagues to dress the creation
Lost in forever as if in infamy
Revered through chosen extinction
Infinite creations for eternal beings
Reflected past the furthest dominion
A solacing decrepit scent
Gales that cry the encompassing aeons
Forecast for a thousand centuries
Creating plagues for a thousand more

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