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I am all that which blesses
Out of me the spirits elate
My touch is all that caresses
Mine are the limbs that create
My soul is in thee to save thee
My hearts pulse can offer you death
I give to thee none that I give me
I am your life's blood and breath
I am that which loves and unloves, I am stricken thou art I
Behold what force of my nature and
shown on my breast to the skies
Forever I am with you, am in you, look forth now and see
Not as servant to lord, thou shall give thee worship to me
O my sons none too dutiful
Abhor gods not of me
Am I shone so beautiful
My beauty will fashion of thee
Beside, under, or above me
Nought is none to go
I have thee love or unlove me
Choose to unknow me or know
Drink of my blood
Breathe of my breath
Hast thou command in spirit with the night
Have the winds taken council with thee
Have ye spoken as brethren together
The moon and the mountains and sea
Thou have their part in me and I too in thee
Have I set such a shadow for all to see
Worship me in the moonlight as I suppress day into night
Call upon my power and thee shall indulge in my might
Can thou say with thine heart can thou see through my eyes
Thou shall breathe through my winds
breath and ye will thrive in my skies
Worship me!!!

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