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Beyond the Cursed Eclipse - text

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Sculptural thoughts abount silvern clouds
engraved harshly in thwarted twilights guise
gatless still hearts sketched in dying pulse
encrypted ledger in forgotten scribe
evil rests still in the shadows waiting to reign on the weakest of hearts
silently watching while lusting
craving the blood of the unknowing ones
fire's eyes are glowing with hatred
bloofangs retracted to extract their lives
desire the unholy passions
destroying the souls of the uprising signs
darkness and beauty are thriving as one
stellar enigma within blackend solus
nighshades are falling upon shining eyes
crushing all sacred from hatred implored
fires are burning across the furthest distant shores
evil is rising coming forth from horrid discant
ancient ways emanating excepting
of all the unhallowed commands
chosen are the mighty burning with everlasting unholy hate
worship the unholy with terror to avenge thy fallen fate
condemned to an eternity of endless damnation
choosing cursed sect from evils salvation
our souls are lost
we wield to the demon skies
facing alas cosmic visions
repentance in the sheer nights eyes
woe to the cursed eclipse
submit thine honour of vengeance lost
reborn from the furthest dominions
in they stand is immortal
ensure to never perish invoke
shadows cast oblivions scythe
enigma enchanted
unholy curse controls the night
corrupted sovereign
temptress scour indulged form all horror
priestess veiled controls the night
worship of mortals
transforming across the sinful skies
countless aeons forlorned, overture commands starfire
inner gaze beyond moons eye, crystal beauty severed lash

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Beyond the Cursed Eclipse


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